Our typical Pond Management plans include:
 Fish Man Farms offers Pond Management solutions to help you maintain your pond year round.  We can help you diagnose ​pond problems and provide customized maintenance recommendations for managing and preventing common mistakes. Many problematic issues can be resolved with proper ratio stockings , selective species harvesting (balancing predator to prey populations), supplemental feeding systems, removal of unwanted species, weed control, and avoiding circumstances likely to cause a fish kill. 

  • Fishery Management (stocking recommendations, maintaining proper population balancing via pond sampling, maintaining food sources, fish habitat suggestions) 
  • Weed Control (SC Permitted Grass Carp, Pond Dye)
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration / Feeder Maintenance 

We provide experience based, personalized recommendations to create, enhance, or sustain proper pond balance and health allowing you to catch those big fish sooner!

Looking for a practical solution that is both cost effective and result driven?

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